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What Should I Consider When Looking for Home Care?

1. What services do I need?

Typically, a disease, illness, or disability leads people to seek home care. Services are needed when your safety, health, or overall well being may be in jeopardy without them. For example, if you are unable to prepare meals -- a situation that could affect your diet and health -- then you would need assistance with meal preparation. Some older people find it difficult to accept the reality that help needed. Therefore, deciding which home and personal care services you need might be best done through conversations with someone you trust, such as a loved one, a friend, a doctor, a social worker, or a nurse.


2. How often and for how long will I need these services?

As your needs change, the length and types of home care may vary. For example, at first you may just need a few hours per week for House cleaning and grocery shopping, but later, recovering from surgery, you may need help with meal preparation and nursing care for a couple of months. Someone who is living with a difficult chronic medical condition like macular degeneration (an often incurable disease that impairs vision) or Alzheimer’s disease may require services long into the future. Your doctor, family members, home care provider, and other concerned people in your life can all help you determine how much care, what kind of care, and the frequency of care that is needed.

What Should I Ask a Home Care Agency about Its Services?



Preferred Home Health Solutions Answers

What kind of services does your agency provide?


Personal Care, Supportive Home Care, Respite, and our “Keep in Touch” program

What kind of work experience do you require of employees?


Our personal care workers are required to have a minimum 6 months of experience.

What kind of screening and background checks do you do before hiring someone?


The state of Wisconsin requires that all personal care workers complete Background information disclosures, Preferred Home Health Solutions, checks background information and criminal history information through the WI Dept of Justice.  All references are checked, employee must pass pre-employment and random drug screens, carry valid auto insurance before hire.

What kind of training do your staff members receive, both prior to their first job and on-going?

Employees are trained in the 11 core competencies of personal care once hired by PHHS unless certified nursing assistant certificates are presented.  Training is on-going with personal care workers and in-services are held to ensure training.

What is the cost of your services?


Costs of PHHS services vary depending on client need, service required, location and method of payment.  We offer free in-home assessments to determine the above criteria and will discuss pricing with our clients to ensure affordability. 

Are there a minimum number of hours I must use the worker each day?


Location is a factor, however, typically PHHS requires a 1-hour minimum.

Are there a minimum number of days I must use the worker?



How does the agency handle requests for changes in workers?


PHHS values our clients and your input and suggestions matter.  If you request a different worker, PHHS will honor your request.

Is your agency licensed, and insured?

Yes.  Preferred Home Health Solutions, LLC is licensed in the State of Wisconsin and is a Wisconsin Medicaid Certified Provider.  We carry all necessary insurances to protect our clients and employees.