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  To us, "above & beyond" is standard  

For most people home means comfort. It’s the place where family comes together and where memories are made and love is shared. It’s the place people feel independent, safe and private.  Personally, that is what I think about when I think about my home.  As the founder and president of Preferred Home Health Solutions, LLC, I started this business with family in mind. Most of us have been through the loss of a loved one or have tried to help when a loved one needed help but when additional support is needed it can be overwhelming and fearsome. Preferred Home Health Solutions is a company that provides you and/or your loved one the support needed to allow you or your loved one to remain at home - comfortable, independent, and safe.

Because you should be selective about who comes into your home to assist you, we are selective about who are chosen to work with our clients.  All of our staff have gone through a rigorous screening program including background checks, driving record checks, pre-employment and random drug screening as well as on-going training.  We have a wonderful team of professionals that work together with you, your family and other health care providers to ensure you are reaching your goals and are able to maintain your quality of life, independently at home.  

Preferred Home Health Solutions has an excellent customer satisfaction rating and I believe it’s due to the constant flow of communication and also the measures we take to ensure quality of care.

I am proud of Preferred Home Health Solutions  and the impact it has made in our communities and in the lives of those we have served.  

Please take your time while visiting our website, and if you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us.


Melinda Rhinehart

President, Preferred Home Health Solutions, LLC